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Sought job:Medical Radiologist / Radiologue

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Mr. Pi... N...


16039 Sestri Levante

Current situation:

Current industry: Hospital of San Martino Genova

Size of the company: 101-1000 employees

Current position: Researcher and Doctor

Number of years spent at this position: 3-5 years

Number of persons you managed: 1-5 persons

Annual salary: 28000.00 EUR

Total working experience: 3-5 years

Availability: Immediate availability

Job sought:

Positions: Medical Radiologist / Radiologue, ,

Industry: Medical Radiologist / Radiologue, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Fixed-term / casual work, Temporary work, Agent's contract

Desired working time: Full-time, Part-time, Study-work program, One-day assignments, Seasonal work, Available on Week-ends

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +11

Last diploma : Specialization Diploma in Medical Diagnostic Radiology

Current educational level : +11

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: unreported

Known Tools / Software/ Methods General radiology with subspecialization in NEURORADIOLOGY, and good experience in Body CT scan and Abdominal Ultrasound. Post processing imaging methods and PACS software management

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences

Languages English : Fluent
French : Working language


Mr. Pi... N...


16039 Sestri Levante



-Pre-Medical Studies
: since
: 1992 to : 2005

Lyceum (includes Ancient Greek, Latin, Advanced Maths, Computer Sciences)
„Federico Delpino“ in Chiavari (Genova) : diploma in 2005.

Course: in childhood, Trinity College Examinations Until Grade 6; later, Cambridge
Examinations until Grade A.C.E.
(Advanced Certificate of English).

French spoken at an intermediate level.

Spanish spoken at basic level.

-Medical Studies

Name of University, City, Country : Università
degli Studi in Genova

Medical Student since : 2005
Clinical Student since : 2008

July, 22nd 2011 Mark
110/110 cum Laude

Dissertation Title: „Celebrospinal
fluid flow assessment by Cine Phase-Contrast MRI, for suspected NPH (Normal
Pressure Hydrocephalus)“

-Post Graduation Studies

Residency student for 4 years in „Scuola di Specializzazione in
Radiodiagnostica“ (Radiology and Imageology Specialization School) (Università
degli studi in Genova)

Specialization Student since: 2012

with „full marks“ as a Radiology
Specialist in July 5th, 2016.

Dissertation Title: „Contrasting
variability patterns in the default mode and sensorimotor networks balance in
bipolar depression and mania“

-Actual Position and Skills

student in Neurosciences (since November 1st
2017) at the University og Genova, department of Neurology Ophtalmology and

Former Radiology Specialist in charge for the two MRI scanners (1.5T and
3T) operating within the „Centro di
Ricerca in Risonanza Magnetica sulle Malattie del Sistema Nervoso“
(Magnetic Resonance Research Center on Nervous System Disorders in Genova) – Clinical Reporting Service and Image Acquisition responsible in Research
Protocol Examinations.

Postprocessing and Analysis Researcher
in „Dinogmi“ (Università degli studi
in Genova, Department of Neurology Ophtalmology and Genetics): Experience with
Linux Bash Script Programming and in usage of Image Anlysis Software such as

Current fields of interest and research
projects: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease and other
Neurodegenerative disorders, Bipolar
Disorder and other Psychiatric affections.

Familiar to remote controlled desktop
management and VPN tunneling.

of two NAS research servers and one PACS server with its relative network.

Capable of Routine and Emergency Clinical interpretation and reporting (FLUENT

Focus on Neuroradiology (CT and MRI),

but also Thoraco-Abdominal (CT and US...),

basic MSK (MRI...),

basic Interventional US (Fine needle citology,

as well as of advanced applications, such as 3T brain
clinical imaging (DTI fiber tracking, perfusion imaging, spectroscopy, etc).

Familiarity with many common radiology reporting (RIS and PACS)
systems: Mckesson Radiology Station, Xplore Exploitation, Orbis,
Tera-Recon, Polaris, Suite Extensa...etc.

direct experience on:

- General Electric 1.5 and 3T MRI scanner

- Philips 3T MRI scanner

- Siemens 1.5 MRI scanner

- Esaote low-field MRI
Scanner for Extremity applications (i.e.: 0.31 T „O-Scan“)

- Various
Ultrasonography and CT scanners.

-Laboratory or Clinical Electives

-Name of the
Institute/Hospital : NWI

: BioNanotecnologies

-City : Genova -Country : Italy
-Since :2006 -to : 2008

-Name of the
tutor/professor to contact for further information: prof.
Claudio Nicolini

information of above Professor/Tutor :

-Name of the
Institute/Hospital : San Martino

: Neuroradiology - Clinical experience

-City : Genova -Country : Italy
-Since :2011 -to : 2016

-Name of the
tutor/professor to contact for further information: dott.
Lucio Castellan

information of above Professor/Tutor :

-Name of the
Institute/Hospital : Taipei Medical

: Brain and Consciousness Research Center -
Laboratory experience (fMRI data analysis)

-City : Taipei -Country : Taiwan
-Period :2016, February

-Name of the
tutor/professor to contact for further information: prof.
Timothy Lane

information of above Professor/Tutor :

-Name of the
Institute/Hospital : Hôpital Purpan -
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Toulouse

: Radiology - Clinical experience (radiology and neuroradiology reporting)

-City : Toulouse -Country : France
-Period :2017, September and October

-Name of the
tutor/professor to contact for further information: prof.
Cristophe Cognard; Prof. Fabrice Bonneville

information of above Professor/Tutor :

-Name of the
Institute/Hospital : Centre d’Imagerie
Medicale de Monaco (C.I.M.M.)

: Neuroradiology - Clinical experience (radiology/ neuroradiology reporting and
development of clinical advanced tecniques on 3T MRI scanner: DTI fiber
tracking – T2*Perfusion - Spectroscopy)

-City : Monaco-Ville -Country : Principauté de Monaco
-Period : from 11/2017 to 03/2018

-Name of the
tutor/professor to contact for further information: dr.
Giuliano Michelozzi, dr Michel Yves Mourou

-Name of the
Institute/Hospital : Centre Hospitalier
de Salon de Provence

: Radiology - Clinical experience (radiology/ neuroradiology / radiopediatry

-City : Salon de Provence -Country : France
-Period : from 04/2018 to 10/2018

-Name of the
tutor/professor to contact for further information: dr.
Remi Pasquali

information of above Professor/Tutor :

-Other Educational Activities
(Lectures, Conferences, Summer Schools, Medical Courses, etc…)

Medical Studies in „Università degli studi di

- Attended to a 6 month
parallel-to-university programme about Laboratory Tecniques called “Researh Doctor“

- Attended all internal medical,
surgical wards and specialistic
clinics of San Martino University hospital. (as offered by university)

- Attended biophysical, biological,
radiological, neurophysiological, pathological, laboratories (for personal interest).

- Attended University’s elective
courses about First Aid, Toxicology, Drug addictions, Pain Medicine and
Palliative cares, radiology,

- Attended a one month course about
Drug Resistant Epilepsy, and another one month course about Neurosciences.

Post Graduate Studies in „Scuola di
Specializzazione in Radiodiagnostica dell’Università degli Studi di Genova“

- Was elected as residency students‘ representative since 2012 to 2016.

- Attended „Seminar of interventional radiology“ in Ospedali Galliera,
Genova, october 19th 2012

- Attended „L’approccio terapeutico
integrato al paziente con patologia ipofisaria“
Residential course, Genova, october 29th 2012

- Attended „Corso base sui mezzi di
contrasto in radiologia“ in Ospedali
Galliera, Genova, november 9th 2012

- Attended „Resnick Course VIII –
Advanced Course in MSK radiology“,
Aula magna università statale, Milano, september 18th, 19th 2012

- Attended „Current applications of MRI in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and
other demyelinating diseases“ course, Genova, february 8th 2013

- Attended „XIII congresso nazionale
della sezione SIRM di radiologia MSK“,
Roma, may 23rd-25th 2013

- Attended „27° congresso nazionale Associazione Italiana di NeuroRadiologia“,
L’Aquila, september 18th-21st 2013

- Attended „Temi e problemi in stem cells e imaging tools and development“
workshop, Genova, june 27th-28th 2013

- Attended „La spalla: approccio
clinico e imaging integrato“ course,
San Donato Milanese, october 14th-15th 2013

- Attended „Aggiornamento in neuroradiologia diagnostica“ course, Milano,
december 13th, 2013

- Attended „18° congresso della Società
Italiana di Psicopatologia“, Torino,
february 12th-15th 2014

- Attended „17th advenced course in Magnetic Resonance Tecniques in Multiple
Sclerosis“ Milan, march 19th-21st 2014

- Attended „Neuroimaging of the spinal cord in the diagnosis and differential
diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases“ course,
Genova, april 28th 2014

- Attended „Corso itinerante di neuroradiologia“ Genova, may, 15th-16th

- Attended „Cardioradiologia in
emergenza urgenza“ Course , Genova, may 28th-29th 2015

- Attended „Diagnostica per immagini della laringe“ june 19th, 2015

- Attended „L’utilizzo della risonanza
magnetica nella pratica clinica: sclerosi multipla e ictus cerebrale“ Seminary,
Genova, october 6th, 2016

- Attended „Liguria Parkinson 2017“
congress, Finalborgo (SV), march 31th, 2017

- Held
a 16 hour course at the University of Genova, aimed to the 4th year’s
residency students in radiology and medical imaging, titled „La
Ricerca in
Neuroradiologia“, may – july 2017

- Attended „Atelier de Neuroradiologie: Dossiers Cliniques en Urgence“ Course, CHU
Toulouse Purpan,
september 9th, 2017

- Was
Speaker for 4 hours at a ECM course
(FORCOMED – CME equivalent) aimed to
medical doctors, physical therapists, and other rehabilitation professionals,
titled „Ricerca nella Sclerosi Multipla:
Le Tecnologie al Servizio della Riabilitazione“, december 2nd-3rd, 2017

- Was supervisor of 3 medical students in the
prepration of their thesis,
titled :

« Atrofia Cerebrale in Sclerosi Multipla. Confronto del parametro di
NeuroRM Brain Parenchymal Fraction in sequenze 3D-FSPGR e 3D-FLAIR, con
procedura totalmente automatizzata », july 2017

« Area Spinale Cervicale a livello del Forame Magno e Disabilità nella
Sclerosi Laterale Amiotrofica: uno Studio Pilota », july 2017.

« Ottimizzazione del processo di calcolo del carico lesionale in Sclerosi
Multipla: confronto tra segmentazione manuale e alcuni algoritmi automatizzati
sia con sequenze di risonanza magnetica 3D FLAIR, che con tecnica FLAIR2 »,
march 2018.

-Scientific Publications

White matter microstructure
alterations correlate with terminally differentiated CD8+ effector T cell
depletion in the peripheral blood in mania: Combined DTI and immunological
investigation in the different phases of bipolar disorder.

Magioncalda P, Martino M, Tardito S, Sterlini B, Conio B, Marozzi V,
Adavastro G, Capobianco L, Russo D, Parodi A, Kalli F, Nasi G, Altosole
T, Piaggio N, Northoff G, Fenoglio D, Inglese M, Filaci G, Amore M.

Brain Behav Immun. 2018 May 1.
pii: S0889-1591(18)30169-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bbi.2018.04.017. [Epub ahead of
print] PMID: 29723656

Cord cross-sectional area
at foramen magnum as a correlate of disability in amyotrophic lateral

Piaggio N, Pardini M, Roccatagliata L, Scialò C, Cabona C, Bonzano L,
Inglese M, Mancardi GL, Caponnetto C.

Eur Radiol Exp. 2018 Jun
22;2:13. doi: 10.1186/s41747-018-0045-6. eCollection 2018 Dec. PMID: 29984352

Cerebellum and
neurodegenerative diseases: beyond conventional MRI

Mormina E,
Petracca M, Bommarito G, Piaggio N, Cocozza S and Inglese M

World J Radiol. 2017 Oct 28; 9(10): 371–388.

Published online 2017 Oct 28. doi: 10.4329/wjr.v9.i10.371

immunosuppression followed by autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
as a therapeutic strategy in aggressive forms of multiple sclerosis

Mancardi G,
Sormani MP, Muraro PA, Boffa G, Saccardi R (The
main figure of the article was designed by Piaggio N and Boffa G)

Mult Scler. 2017 Nov 1:1352458517742532. doi: 10.1177/1352458517742532.

[Epub ahead of print]

An engineered glove allows a quantitative integrated
assessment of motor and cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis

Gallo E, Laroni A,
Pardini M, Inglese M, Signori A, Piaggio N, Lapucci C, Filippi L, Sbragia E,
Meli R, Bommarito G, Cellerino M, Uccelli A, Mancardi GL, Sormani MP.

Abstract submitted to the 7th Joint
ECTRIMS - ACTRIMS Meeting taking place in Paris,
France from 25
- 28 October 2017

Different cognitive and pathological substrata of positive
and negative emotion recognition in subjects with multiple sclerosis

Pardini M, Meli R,
Piaggio N, Lapucci C, Sbragia E, Filippi L, Laroni A, Uccelli A, Mancardi GL,
Inglese M.

Abstract submitted to the 7th Joint
ECTRIMS - ACTRIMS Meeting taking place in Paris,
France from 25
- 28 October 2017

Contrasting variability patterns in the default
mode and sensorimotor networks balance in bipolar depression and mania.

Martino M,
Magioncalda P, Huang Z, Conio B, Piaggio N, Duncan NW, Rocchi G, Escelsior A,
Marozzi V, Wolff A, Inglese M, Amore M, Northoff G.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Apr 26;113(17):4824-9. doi:
10.1073/pnas.1517558113. Epub 2016 Apr 11.

PMID: 27071087

Patterns of microstructural white matter
abnormalities and their impact on cognitive dysfunction in the various phases
of type I bipolar disorder.

P, Martino M, Conio B, Piaggio N, Teodorescu R, Escelsior A, Marozzi V, Rocchi
G, Roccatagliata L, Northoff G, Inglese M, Amore M.

J Affect Disord. 2016 Mar 15;193:39-50. doi:
10.1016/j.jad.2015.12.050. Epub 2015 Dec 30.

PMID: 26766032

Functional connectivity and neuronal
variability of resting state activity in bipolar disorder--reduction and
decoupling in anterior cortical midline structures.

P, Martino M, Conio B, Escelsior A, Piaggio N, Presta A, Marozzi V, Rocchi G,
Anastasio L, Vassallo L, Ferri F, Huang Z, Roccatagliata L, Pardini M, Northoff
G, Amore M.

Hum Brain Mapp. 2015 Feb;36(2):666-82. doi: 10.1002/hbm.22655. Epub
2014 Oct 12.

PMID: 25307723

Abnormal functional-structural cingulum
connectivity in mania: combined functional magnetic resonance imaging-diffusion
tensor imaging investigation in different phases of bipolar disorder.

M, Magioncalda P, Saiote C, Conio B, Escelsior A, Rocchi G, Piaggio N,
Marozzi V, Huang Z, Ferri F, Amore M, Inglese M, Northoff G.

Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2016 Jun 7. doi: 10.1111/acps.12596. [Epub ahead of

PMID: 27273612


-Brief Self-Presentation

Because of my
curiosity, I truly love the world of research, and I am specially attracted by
anything that represents a challenge; thanks to my distinctly creative nature,
I believe I'm particularly inclined to solve problems.

I consider
myself as a very versatile man, who cultivates a wide range of interests, as it
can easily be proved by my past working and leisure experiences.

-Other Employment History, Hobbies,
Activities, Technical Skills

Before (and During) Medical Studies:

- Artistic Gymnastic Athlete Since 1992
until 2016 (at competitive level in „C“ an „B“ League between 1994 and 2001,
nowadays just at amateur level).

- Sailor in the
role of helmsman in dinghy sailing races since 1998 until 2005; after: Sailing
instructor at the sailing schools “Lega Navale Italiana di Rapallo”, “Tigullio
Sail di Sestri Levante” and “Yacht Club Chiavari”.

- Lifeguard
licence (2009).

- Experience in
advertising and computer graphics: digital graphic poster composition, photomontages,
flyers, logo designing (working with Photoshop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

- Owner, designer
and webmaster of some websites, capable of editing HTML and FLASH languages.

- Organizator
and advertiser of sport events (Italian Skimboarding National Championship in
2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013).

- Video editing
experience (with Adobe Premiere) and photographer of sporting events,
occasionally working for local TV stations (i.e. Entella TV, Chiavari)

- For hobby:
Surfboard and skimboard construction and repair, occasional jobs of maintenance
on sailing crafts, carpentry, construction, and art in general.

- Piano player
at very beginner level.

Cover letter

Mr. Pi... N...


16039 Sestri Levante

Sought job:Medical Radiologist / Radiologue

Bonjour, Je suis un médecin italien spécialisé en radiologie, inscrit au tableau de l'ordre des médecins des Bouches du Rhone. Je suis intéressé, pour commencer et se connaitre par des offres d'emploi à type "radiologue remplaçant" (avec possibilité d'installation si les deux parts sont satisfiées); je suis disponible pour l'ensemble du territoire français mais aussi pour les départements d'outre-mer DOM TOM.
J'ai deja eu d'experience en services de radiologie française (voir mon CV attaché) : CHU de Toulouse, Cabinet Liberale CIMM de Monaco-Ville, Centre Hospitalier de Salon de Provence.Merci de me contacter, SVP.

Mr. Pi... N

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